3. METcalcpy 1.1.0 Release Notes

When applicable, release notes are followed by the GitHub issue number which describes the bugfix, enhancement, or new feature: METcalcpy GitHub issues.

3.1. Version 1.1.0 release notes (2022-03-11)

3.1.1. Version 1.1.2 release notes (20221118)

Bug Fix:

  • Fixed Heidke Skill Score Calculation Discrepancy (#239)

3.1.2. Version 1.1.1 release notes (20220727)

Bug Fix:

  • Automatically reorder the data so regimes match between forecast and observations

3.1.3. Version 1.1.0 release notes (20220311)

New Functionality:

  • Add OMI and RMM statistics (#89)

  • Add calculation of CTC statistics (#77)

  • Add sorting of CTC dataframe by fcst_thresh (#75)

  • Add calculation of the Scatter Index statistic (#108)

  • Add Zonal and Meridional mean calculation from basic.py (#126)

  • Add supporting functionality for ECLV plot (#128)


  • Add vertical_interp support for multiple pressure coordinate systems (#63)

  • Change ‘,’ as a separator for the series group to ‘:’ (#117)

  • Enhance METcalcpy to aggregate and plot the HSS_EC statistic from the MCTS line type (#107)

  • Reorganize the METcalcpy directory structure to separate the statistics modules from the pre-processing, diagnostics, and util modules (#125)


  • Add bootstrap package classes (#96)

  • Add pingouin package classes (#98)

  • Update documentation to reference GitHub Discussions instead of MET Help (#100)

  • Implement Auto- and Cross- Covariance and -Correlation Function Estimation function for Revision series for MODE-TD (#121)

  • Add copyright information to all Python source code (#150)


  • Fixed CTC statistics for the ROC diagram (#77)

  • update input parameters for test_agg_stats_with_groups script with GROUP_SEPARATOR (#138)

  • permutations are not created if the list is passed as a parameter (#136)

  • plots with groups with date values don’t get created (#122)

  • Prepare data for a line plot with different forecast variables plotted on y1 and y2 axis (#113)

  • Histogram plots can’t be generated due to incorrect sys.modules path (#209)